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Would you buy or sell online?

Would you buy or sell online?
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Hi everyone!

I am doing some research into people's experiences of buying and selling property. I am trying to understand whether people prefer to go through agents or sell online, what they like or dislike about the process, and how it could be improved.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.


Would you buy or sell online?
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Hi Sam,

I have started a free private sale website: - As part of our website we have built an online negotiation platform to help our buyers and sellers with their private sale and purchases by allowing them to complete this portion of the process themselves. I have been getting lots of feed back from people, both businesses and private sellers that I deal with who feel that this is the direction it is heading (more online), but it may take a while for people to get their head around the change especially with the amount of money agents have behind them and the ability to limit private sales advertising options. 

Are you doing your research for a project you are planning to work on? I would be happy to chat to have a chat to you about what I have found if you wanted?



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