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Conveyancing online - lawyer
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Hi all,

This is both a plug and a chance for me to open up a thread to feedback and discussion, so all comments definitely appreciated.

Last week I launched a new service for NZ - . As a former lawyer turned techy, I was just continually frustrated at the number of steps and the amount of contact lawyers needed you to have to get to an end result, so figured it was time to cut out a few steps, speed up the process and save clients some dollars. Conveyonline lets you provide all your details online and leave the rest up to our legal team. They are from a top law firm in Hawkes Bay - so that means a sharp set of brains, with overheads that are lower than Auckland. Anyone in the country can use the service, and the feedback has been great so far. We're constantly striving to make the service even more streamlined, but let me know your thoughts - always happy for a yarn.

Feel free to share the service around, and if you are a real estate agent or mortgage broker that see the value add in referring clients to conveyonline, drop me a message and we can discuss sorting you out an exclusive promo code to save your clients further.

Thanks guys, exciting times ahead,
Jamie Twigg
Founder of conveyonline

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