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Bathroom Renovations: Renovations to Add Value to Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is often the room in the house that most needs a makeover, as it’s easy for it to get dirty and for fixtures to become worn. But bathroom renovations don’t always have to take up huge amounts of time and money. There are plenty of ways to do bathroom renovations on a budget that you can complete over a weekend. Repainting and updating all of the little details is enough to transform your bathroom into something new. Here are a few simple tips for bathroom renovations that will help increase the value of your home.

Repaint the Walls and Tiles

Repainting your walls and tiles is the most cost-effective way to give your bathroom a makeover. New paintwork can make a huge difference to the whole look of your bathroom. White walls are always an excellent option as it is timeless in its simplicity, and likely to appeal to most home buyers if you decide to sell. White paintwork also helps to brighten up the entire space and reflect the light, which is particularly useful for small bathroom renovations. But no matter what colour you choose, make sure to invest in high-quality paint so that it can adapt to the temperature changes within the bathroom. Don’t just stop at the walls and ceiling - giving the tiles a paint refresh will also improve your bathroom’s overall look. Before painting the tiles, make sure to give them a good clean.

Upgrade Fittings

Updating all the little details of your bathroom fixtures will make your bathroom look brand new. You can easily make these bathroom renovations on a budget. Something as simple as replacing your old toilet seat or repainting the bath can make a difference to your bathroom’s overall look. If you’re going to select new fittings, make sure to think about how they work with your bathroom’s colour scheme and tiles.

Old shower screens and curtains can make the bathroom look aged and unappealing. Replacing old shower screens is a simple way to revamp your bathroom. There are many great options out there, from pivot shower screens to frameless shower screens.

Pendant Lamp. Photo Credit: Eric Slagle, Flickr.

Upgrading your lighting is one of the best tips for bathroom renovations. The right lighting can change the whole mood of a room. Dimmer lighting adds immediate style to any room and allows you to choose the amount of brightness. Another great option is to get an interesting pendant light that is the focal point of the room. Whether it’s an industrial light or a chandelier, pretty lighting is a quick and easy way to add more style to your bathroom.

A new bathroom vanity is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your bathroom, as they are often the focal point of the room. For small bathroom renovations, a wall mounted bathroom vanity is an ideal option because it is an excellent space saver. If you are looking for a larger vanity, make sure to measure the space in your bathroom accurately so that you have room for the vanity and its installation.

Add Some Storage

Wine bottle towel rack. Photo Credit: Rodney, Flickr.

Installing simple floating shelves is a useful tip for low budget renovations. The space above your toilet is usually a good spot for cabinets and shelves, where you can store little things like reading materials or toiletries. If there is room, you could also install heated towel racks. Heated towel racks are a great addition during winter when the bathroom is particularly cold. It’s also a useful space saver for storing all your towels. These practical elements are a great selling factor if you ever decide to put your home on the market.

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