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Outdoor Storage: Finding the Right Outdoor Storage Solution

0A combined shipping container shed and dwelling A combined shipping container shed and dwelling
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Finding your backyard cluttered with tools, kids’ playthings, and furniture you don’t always need? Maybe you need somewhere to store your seasonal pop-up pool, and your garage is already full to the brim. No matter what you’re wanting to safely stow away to keep your garden or house free of visual distractions, an outdoor storage solution of some kind is surely what you’ll be harking after. But don’t just settle for a run-of-the-mill shed: these days, outdoor storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, with many multi-purpose in function. We’ve brought together the best of the bunch below.


Make your woodpile into an architectural feature

It’s no secret that the average back-of-the-house woodpile can be a bit of an eyesore. But don’t despair; there are multiple ways to transform even this practical storage need into an aesthetically-pleasing backyard installation. By simply building covered triangular structures against your nearest high fence, you’ll not only keep your wood contained and dry, but inaugurate a geometric structure that adds a distinctive artistic interest to your garden. Arranging two or three of these teepee-shaped wood storage solutions in a row will add even more proportion to that angular theme.


Don’t underestimate the humble shipping container

Shipping container storage is very much in-vogue right now, and it’s no mystery why: inexpensive, versatile, and incomparably spacious, shipping containers constitute a logical solution for almost every outdoor storage woe. You might be content with utilising your container as it comes if you’re needing to store industrial-size tractors and the like, but if you’re a bit more adventurous, then you might consider rejigging it into an outdoor dining area. With the help of some roll-down doors and a rusty-chic finish, you’ll have created a fashionable storage space in the comfort of your own backyard.


Invest in hollow deck-seats

A great way to quickly tidy away kids’ play toys and anything that needs a bit of extra protection from the rain, seats that double as hinge-close container boxes are a great way to introduce extra storage to your deck space. Four-sided wooden seat boxes are easy to DIY and come up a treat with a lick of bright white paint and some custom cushions, so commission your resident amateur builder and get the project going.


Multi-purpose flower boxes

For storing those stray buckets and garden tools, go for a simple wooden cupboard-style build, but consider DIYing onto the top a flower planter-box. Beyond working to camouflage your man-made storage a touch by tying it into the larger garden, this solution has the potential to make a real feature of your favourite flowers, especially if you line them up in a trio and gloss the outside of the boxes with some good water-proof paint. Mess, begone!


Consider re-purposing household furniture for your outside space

Before you take that chipped old vanity and stand-alone pantry to the dump, consider painting them in a bright colour or two – you can get away with bright greens, pinks and blues in an equally-colourful garden – and turning them into a proper hutch for all your gardening bits.  You’ll be getting compliments till the cows come home.


Go for a good-old storage bin – but prettify it

Sometimes, a storage box is all that will do, particularly if you’ve got larger items that just won’t fit into smaller units. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to abandon your outdoor-paradise dreams just to satisfy your outdoor solution needs. A couple of ornate black steel hinges and a coat of sleek oak stain can prove the difference between the average storage box and a personalized installation that truly belongs in your backyard.

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