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In New Zealand Autumn is a time of celebration, Rugby and Rugby League has just started a new season, The leafs are changing color. As summer starts to wind down our homes will need a re-freshening. Spring cleaning is all about clearing away the clutter and brightening up our homes in time for summer but autumn cleaning is all about getting your home ready for those cold wet winter days and nights that New Zealand has. Here are a few things that we recommend you get done before autumn is in full swing.


Gutter Cleaning 

Cleaning out your gutters is probably the single most important thing you can do as part of your autumn cleaning. Gutters that are not cleaned out regularly can block up and overflow and can flood back into the roof and wall cavity. Failing to maintain your gutters can become a very costly repair to your home. It's always a good idea to do a thorough gutter cleaning before the leaves begin to fall and another one once all the leaves on all the tree's around you house has fallen off, This will give you the best outcome and the least possible chance of a gutter blocking up and overflowing.


Clean window's

Having clean windows during the summer is a must, so the majority of homeowners get their windows cleaned in late spring or early summer. But late summer and Autumn might be the last chance to give yourself a clear view for the winter. The days are getting shorter, so to maximize your home’s natural light through the end of the year, give your windows a thorough cleaning. Windows are constantly exposed to the elements of rain, frost, temperature change and wind. Glass is a porous, sponge-like surface that will develop a buildup of dust, dirt and various minerals over time. When these penetrate, it can cause staining and permanent damage. Replacing your windows is extremely expensive and completely avoidable.

Many homeowners are able to tackle the tasks inside their home, but how many are able to get on a ladder and completely clean their own windows, gutters or stain their own deck? How many homeowners are comfortable doing that, and furthermore, have the tools and supplies to do so? Reaching out for help in some areas may be worth considering. Do yourself a favor and research quality local house washing company's.


Roof Cleaning

Autumn is the best time to have your roof treated for moss and mould. A simple and cost effective moss and mould roof treatment might set you back $200 or less but it will save you much much more on roof repairs and replacement cost's. As most roof treatment 's require the wind and the rain to wash away the dead moss and mould on the roof once its been treated the winter rains will help speed up the removal of the dead material. 


Contact your local roof wash contractor and get them out to provide a quote, Always make sure you see there insurance before any work is carried out on your property.

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