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Moving Stats 2017: Data Visualization: Where are Kiwis Moving in 2017

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MovingPros - a free New Zealand moving company comparison website - did a study recently based on their stats and data since the start of the year.

See the graphic below:



Interestingly, MovingPros data shows 65% of Kiwis are fleeing from Auckland, which is apparently a hot topic in the media for the past 6-12 months - due to the house and real estate prices in Auckland. 

The data collected (from 1,000 samples since the start of 2017) also revealed a few other interesting stats:

  • 23% of Kiwis moving are heading to Wellington.
  • 57% of Kiwis moving overseas prefer to live in Australia
  • Only 7% of Kiwis are moving to Auckland - while 65% are fleeing from the city.
  • 14% are leaving Canterbury
  • 13% of Kiwis moving to Bay of Plenty 

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