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House Wash: Top 5 Reasons to Low Pressure Wash Your Home

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Top 5 Reasons to Low Pressure Wash Your Home


Why should you Low pressure wash your home?

Those of us that live in New Zealand know what it’s like to deal with crummy weather. It gets really hot, really cold, really wet and then really dry. The weather is unpredictable! Washing your home is the best way to get rid of mould, mildew and stains on your home’s brick/wood patio or your house's exterior walls. Take the first step to protecting your home by getting a free power washing estimate from Wash Rite House Washing today!



Wash Away Mold and Mildew.

  1. Washing Saves Money: First and foremost,  washing is smart preventative maintenance, like gutter cleaning, for all exterior surfaces and can prevent costly repairs to your property. Furthermore, power washing is one of the least expensive cleaning tools or large surfaces such as your home’s exterior.
  2. Washing Prevents Permanent Damage: Winter grime can cause serious damage and stains to your home and exterior surfaces if not properly taken care of and removed in the spring. Letting stain and grime sit on your home or office for very long periods can result in permanent damage.Washing can remove this grime quickly and easily with little impact on the environment, when compared with traditional cleaning solutions.
  3. Low Pressure Washing Saves Time: Compared to regular cleaning methods, using a low pressure washing service saves valuable time. No mixing cleaning solutions, no climbing ladders, no strenuous activity, no endless scrubbing. Hand washing does not have the same power, and it could take hours to get a fraction of the results. When you choose to wash, the filth and grime that has attached to your outdoor surfaces throughout the winter will be cleaned away with little effort.
  4. Washing Removes Allergens: With the arrival of spring in New Zealand, allergen levels begin to elevate. Homeowners can reduce the level of allergens in and around their home by washing the exterior of their home. This will help lower the allergen levels and can help you and your family live a bit more peacefully this spring without coughing, sneezing and watery eyes.
  5. Washing Prepares Surfaces: New Zealand winters can be long and cold, and many homeowners use spring-cleaning as the perfect time to tackle that do-it-yourself project that’s been put off throughout the winter. Low pressure washing is the perfect way to prepare surfaces for paint or refinishing. Whether you’re thinking about re-staining your deck, painting your home, or refinishing your pool, Low pressure washing will prepare the surface better than any other cleaning process or solution.

When you’re ready to explore the many benefits that come from adding a low pressure washing into your spring-cleaning routine, our team at Wash Rite  is standing by to assist you. Connect with us today to discuss your specific project and to receive your free, comprehensive quote. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with all your low pressure washing needs. Contact us today to get started!

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