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Roof Wash: 10 Roof Maintenance Tips from Wash Rite

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10 Roof Maintenance Tips from Wash Rite




10 Roof Maintenance Tips That Save Money and Unnecessary Headaches

Installing a new roof can be expensive and it’s usually a major disruption for most Homeowners. That’s why inexpensive inspections and maintenance on a regular basis make perfect sense. A well designed roof maintenance program will keep your roof functioning properly, keep your warranties intact, and ensure that you get the maximum useful life from your roof.


  1. Inspect the roof on a regular basis: Inspections are designed to find minor issues before they become major issues. You should schedule inspections before or after seasonal changes and after major storms. A proper inspection will always include looking in the attic for leaks.
  2. Keep your roof free and clear of debris: minor debris such as leaves, small limbs, and sticks can damage your roof, prevent proper drainage, encourage algae & moss growth, and encourage wood rot.
  3. Inspect / repair seals, joints, and flashing: These are the most frequent spots for leaks and should be regularly inspected for damage. Flashing covers entry points into your roof including the vents, exhaust pipe, and chimney, and it’s often a hotspot for leaks. Look for rust, cracks, and dried out or loose sealant.
  4. Repair problems quickly: Roof problems don’t go away, they just get worse with time and more expensive to fix.
  5. Keep your gutters clear: Gutters are a critical, but often overlooked, part of your roofing system. They allow for the proper drainage that’s necessary for the roof to function properly. When gutters back up, serious water damage and ice damming can occur.
  6. Trim trees away from the roof: Tree limbs hanging down over your roof, or even on it can be a serious hazard. Not only do they put you at risk for broken limbs falling on the roof, they can wear down and damage shingles. Tree limbs can also encourage squirrels and raccoons to gain access to your home. Keep in mind that they may be closer to your home than you think: tree limbs are often flexible and can swing several feet during a storm.
  7. Look for signs of animal and insect damage: Rodents, birds, bats, and bees can cause serious damage to your roof if they decide to make it their home. Inspecting for intrusions can prevent major damage and/or infestations.
  8. If you live in area that experience it, clear heavy snow in winter as quickly as possible: Heavy winter snow accumulation can cause a roof collapse. If your roof is not shedding snow quickly enough, hire a professional to remove it. In New Zealand even though in some area's we receive winter snow falls in general our roof's are not engineered to hold heavy snow falls for a long period of time.
  9. Avoid harsh cleaning methods: Roofs throughout New Zealand experience discoloration due to algae growth. And while a clean roof looks MUCH better than a stained roof, harsh cleaning methods or repeated cleaning often do more harm than good. NEVER allow high-pressure to be used on your roof. Roof Cleaning should always be done by a trained professional and should always be done in conjunction with a proper roof inspection.
  10. Document your repairs and maintenance: This will help you keep track of your expenses as well as provide you with the proper documentation you may need in the case of a warranty or insurance claim.


With proper maintenance, you can maximize the life of your roof while minimizing the overall cost. This will allow you to save money and avoid unexpected emergencies while keeping your home and family protected.


For best results, consider our very affordable Roof Inspection and Moss and Mould treatment program. Our employee's are trained to address all of these items and more. And we’re certified to offer the best warranties in the business.


For more information about keeping your roof looking it best contact us for a chat about your roof or to arrange a free quote.


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Great advise, best article on this site .

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perfect time for this post with all the wind and rain we are getting, great info and detail.

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