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Platinum: 10 Questions Landlords want to ask a professional painter

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After what seems like a long wet winter as we head into October 2016 the barbecue weather is starting to heat up. This means all those nagging out door jobs are starting to be scheduled in including paint work. Or maybe your lovely tenants have left your property with a few issues that need attention.

Platinum painters have taken some time out of their busy schedule to sit down with us and answer a few questions. 

1. When contracting a painter, how can I tell if they're going to do a good job?

It could differ person to person. Perhaps great communication would be essential as it is your first point of contact. Showing up on time for all meetings.  Details provided in quote, ensuring nothings left out from the beginning. 
And of course knowledge of the products and systems to complete the job. 

2. Is it normal to charge a deposit?

Yes, with most trades you will find a deposit is requested to cover materials. Dependent of course on the size of the job. For a touch up or small job perhaps not.

3. Is all paint the same?

Most definitely not. Each brand with the same type of paint range slightly differs also.

4. How do I choose what color to paint?

What color to paint is a dangerous question. It is dependent upon many things - surroundings,  views,  which room in the house, fixtures and fittings and possibly artwork could even alter which color you were to choose. It is a personal decision.

5. What are the benefits of regular paint maintenance?

Paint works are easier to maintain a high degree of cleanliness.  Prevents irreparable damage to any woodwork and or gib boards. Keeps things looking  and feeling fresh and tidy. Cheaper long term as opposed to leaving till its absolutely required.

6. As a home owner, should I paint myself?

If you have the time, the right advice and a good quality paint system; anything is achievable. However doesn't usually come with a guarantee to last.

7. How many coats of paint do I need?

At minimum 3 coats. One primer/sealer, two top coats.

8. Why are some paints more expensive than others?

It depends upon the finish or sheen - flat, satin, low sheen, semi gloss or high gloss. Water based, enamel, epoxy or other specialized paint systems.

9. Does it cost to get painting work quoted?

Most trades do free quotations. We do.

10. Does my house need to be empty for painting work to be completed?

Drop sheets, plastics, masking, care and consideration make it safe and clean enough to paint around most usual furniture items. It does save some time having less or no items in the house but it isn't a great deal.

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