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Auckland House Painting: How to paint the exterior of your house

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How to paint the exterior of your house

Painting your house comes with several benefits. The two most notable among them are the nice new look that comes with a fresh coat of paint and the protection that new paint gives to the home exterior. However, house painting is a big job and for many, the task can seem daunting. This will lead many to hire a house painting service or make the mistake of putting it off indefinitely.

While exterior painting may be a job that does require a lot of time and decent amount of labour, it is something that you can do on your own. With the right tools, some careful planning and the will to put the effort in, a homeowner can do a fine job of painting their home exterior.

Planning the Job

Any major home improvement like house painting will require a planning stage. A failure to plan is a sure way to end up with poor finished product. Poor planning can lead to mistakes being made and that can result in a job that does not look good when it is done. It would be a shame to put in the effort, only to have to pay a company of residential painters to come in a fix your mistakes.

To start your planning, you are first going to want to consider things like the type of paint to be used, the colour that you wish to use and the different types of supplies and equipment that you will need. Consider whether you want to go with a water-based paint or a solvent-based formula. Try to calculate the amount of paint that is needed. Make a list of supplies like brushes, rollers, tape, drop clothes, containers and so on. You may even be able to rent some of the more expensive equipment like ladders and paint sprayers if they are needed.

Preparing the Home

At this point, you should have the paint and all of the supplies that are needed for painting the home, but before you can start painting, you need to prepare the house for the painting process. You can start by moving items away from the home and removing items that are fixed to structure. Any outdoor furniture or decorative item should be moved to a safe place and you will want to take down any light fixtures that can be removed.

After this, you will want to inspect the home for any trouble areas. Imperfections will need to be addressed before you paint. Areas with loose paint should be scraped clean, fill any holes, fix caulk that needs to be touched up and remove rust from any metal pieces.

Once you have done all of this, you can then start protecting different items with plastic coverings. Any light fixtures or other items that could not be removed will need to be covered. Additionally, you will want to cover the windows and doors to protect them while you are painting the walls.


Before you can start applying the paint, it needs to be mixed. For mixing house paint, you have two options. You could just mix one can at a time or you could get a container and mix larger batches to save some time. If you have a big enough bucket, mixing all of the paint at once will have some benefits. Not only will it save time, but mixing the paint all in one batch will help to ensure uniform colour and shade.

In painting the exterior of your home, you will use a variety of different tools. Regardless of whether you are using a brush, a roller or a spray gun, you want to make sure to use the proper technique to get the best result in the end. Generally, for both rollers and brushes, the idea is to have nice long strokes that are even and applied smoothly. If you try to go too fast, the paint is going to look sloppy and uneven.

Consider Hiring Professionals

When you are still in the planning stage, you might want to take the time to consider hiring a painting company. Total up the estimated cost of doing it on your own and get some estimates local house painters. Professional painters already have all of the equipment and they usually get a better deal on the cost of paint and supplies, so they can often offer a price that is competitive with the cost of doing it yourself.

While there is something to be said for the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing your own home improvement work, a house painting company will provide professional results and it takes the hassle and stress off of you. Beyond that, any house painting service that is worth hiring will back their work with a guarantee and that is something that does not come with the do it yourself paint job.


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