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Home Cleaning Tips: Home Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps

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If you are having some trouble with effective cleaning at home, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your methods and techniques and try a little different approach. Or it could be that you simply cannot manage all of the work because you have a busy schedule that allows little flexibility and almost no free time.

It is easy to neglect cleaning duty if you are busy. In fact, home cleaning is one of the first things that you cut when you have little free time on your hands. This, however, is a mistake for 2 major reasons: one is that cleaning is one of the most important tasks you have to do around your home and it ensures a healthy environment, and second is because usually effective cleaning comes down to having a good routine established. In order to achieve the latter you can consider following an easy 5-step home cleaning system, which will ensure that your home is in order and that it is well looked after.

  1. Take care of the clutter – if you live in a big family with children, there is a high chance of seeing clothes lying everywhere around the house. It is a common sight to see a shirt lying in front of the bathroom, one sock under the rug and the other one stuck in a drawer. At some point, you will stop being surprised and instead might feel annoyed by this. But if you have to be honest, perhaps you too often times simply do not place your clothes where they belong. And this is just clothes; let’s not forget about things like toys, various parts of the décor and practically everything. In order to have an effective home cleaning you should take care of all this clutter around your home and place everything where it belongs. That will open the place and reveal what else you have to do. Often times it is difficult to start because you are unable to identify exactly what you need to do.
  2. Do the dishes – washing dishes is one more task of home cleaning that you need to take care of. Usually the main problem you encounter is that when you leave too many dirty dishes in your sink, you do not feel like washing them at all. And so they pile up till your sink can take no more, or when you run out of clean dishes to eat in. The best way to deal with the problem is to simply develop a routine. Instead of leaving your dirty dishes for ‘some other time’, make sure you invest just few minutes of your time after each meal to clean. That way this chore will be easily taken care of.
  3. Vacuum the carpets – carpets sometimes accumulate too much dust from the fact that many people tread dirt on them daily. If you have a carpet that is seeing much traffic daily, chances are the dirt and spoils that are present on it are spread everywhere else in your home, as they get picked by everyone walking in the area. Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is a good remedy to this problem, which you have to consider doing on a regular basis. If you manage to clean the carpet every week, that is really good. It will prevent spreading of dirt and dust to other rooms of your home.
  4. Cleaning the dust – dust is a major issue of every home, especially when it comes to health. It can cause some respiratory distresses, and is very bad in cases of asthma, allergies, flu-like symptoms and more. For this reason your home cleaning duties must feature regular dusting. In order to prevent health issues for you and your whole family, you should make sure that you clean the rooms from dust every week or so in order to have sanitised environment and perfect living conditions. 
  5. Specialised cleaning service – all of the above was mostly just basic cleaning tasks that you have to do around your home. But often time you will have to clean a specific area. For example, every once in a while you will want to perform window cleaning. Or it could be that after the big party your furniture is stained and it requires upholstery cleaning. When this is the case, you should find the time to take care of the problem. Or, if you feel like it, you can make a long-term schedule and follow that, but be ready to show flexibility.

Following these simple 5 steps can ensure that your home is well looked after and that your cleaning becomes a lot more effective and less tiring.

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