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Domestic Appliances Cleaning: Cleansing of Appliances and Devices at Home

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From PCs to game consoles, TV screens and kitchen robots - there are plenty of electronic devices at home that need a regular maintenance. Moreover, you should be prepared and know how to remove unexpected spills and dirt in order to prevent the devices from malfunctions or other damages. Here is a short list of tools and activities that you should use during the home appliances cleaning, as well as regular maintenance. Let`s begin with the tips and tools for maintenance:


Keeping the good condition of your electronic devices is the key for preventing them from getting dirty. Thus, a great idea is to make a schedule for maintenance of the entire house and to put a new column only for the electronic devices. Keep in mind a couple important factors while compiling the schedule:


  1. The most frequently used items should be maintained more often.
  2. First disassemble the big kitchen appliances and then clean them for better results.
  3. The devices exposed to kitchen grease, spills and dirt such as gaming consoles, phone chargers and remote controls, may require a more powerful or even a sanitizing detergent.


Quickly inspect the condition of the items that are expected to be dirtier. These are usually the biggest appliances such as the oven or the electrical stove. If you assess justly their condition, you can easily take a pick of the right method for cleaning and maintenance. For instance, the air-condition filter may not need a change if used only a few times.


Put the regular dusting of your electronic devices high on the agenda. Only a cloth should work best for most cases, as the dust and the loose particles are easy for brushing out. However, it is easier to get through narrow spaces and visually hidden areas by using a long brush with electrostatic charged fibers. It is perfect for dusting.


When it comes to dry or wet cleaning, there are a few useful tips too:


To clean unexpected spills from coffee, tea, kitchen grease and others from the metal casings of the devices - it`s recommended to clean the spot as soon as it appears. It`s better to stop the game and wipe off the spill before it dries on the metal casing of the PC, or clean the spills on the keyboard before it penetrates and damages the electronic components. Wiping off with a clean cloth should be enough, while to eliminate all the greasy traces you should use simply wet wipes. They contain a light amount of alcohol, which is perfect for cleaning metal surfaces.


Always during a wet intervention in an electronic device - make sure to disconnect it from the power supply. Another important thing is to let it overnight or at least a few hours on a direct sunlight to make sure that the device is completely clean and dry before plugin it back.


During house cleaning, don`t forget to pay extra attention to the screens of all electronic devices in your home. There are special detergents and cloths only for this purpose, but you can deal with light stains and dust by yourself and homemade detergents. Simply use a small clean cloth. A cotton one is great, as well as paper towels and fabric kitchen cloths. As a detergent – use a tiny amount of dish detergent mixed with cool water. The cloth should be damp and not soaked with the solution.


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