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Property Sales: Maximize The Income When Selling Real Estate

0Sell your house at a great price. Sell your house at a great price.
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Selling house is as challenging as buying a new house, so to find the perfect real estate agency is the most essential medium in order to get the highest price possible. Then, take a look at some tips and advices on how to further maximize the income when selling a property.


1) A thorough inspection is the first key step. It includes an inspection of every corner and wall of the house. Inspect for the perfect functionality of the objects that you leave in the house, as well as their condition in terms of maintenance and cleanliness. If needed - do some small repairs or get rid of the objects which seem to be broken or which need extensive repairs. Improving the condition of the home means altering its quality. On the other hand, this adds value to the new owners of the home, which can definitely lead to a higher price of the real estate.


2) Find a real estate agency to help you sell the property at a reasonable price. It`s widely known that the real estate agencies make their profit mostly from taxes from the sellers and not from the buyers, so be prepared to discuss the prices when searching for a real estate agency. There are three types of agencies - which deal only with sellers of properties, only with buyers of properties, and mixed agencies - which work with buyers as well as with sellers. To find the perfect agency might be a challenge, so stroll through the sites of the agencies in your region. Do your own investigation of the other properties that are for sale in your region. Compare them with the condition of your property. When you know what you are looking for - it should be easier to find the perfect real estate agency to help you with the selling of your property at the best price.


3) Upgrade the real estate for a more visually pleasing effect and for a better functionality. For instance, upgrade the first floor and the entrance with a ramp or with bigger stairways. Add cabinets or remove the doors and place them adjacent to the walls. This will help the new owners when moving in with dozens of big removal boxes, heavy furnishings and other items. Another great tip is to clean the terrain between the front door of the house and the entrance to the property, including the adjacent area to the street. In this way, the unloading of the removal van will be easier - something that the real estate buyers always appreciate. The bigger and wider the area near the entrance, the easier will be the relocation of big and heavy objects. Ensure that there are no bumps, bushes and other imperfections on the terrain, as well as put anti-slip coverings on the floor and on the front stairways.


4) Clean the appliances and all the objects, with which you sell the house. They definitely add value to the price, but only if they are in good condition. That`s why some deep cleaning and rearrangement are essential.


5) Take care about the garden. Call a removal company to deliver the biggest and heaviest objects that you can`t handle by yourself. From new lounge chairs and BBQ, to new decorative items to the deck for observation or a new lawn mower – all these details will make a good impression to the buyer.


6) Ask your real estate agent about the requirements of the buyers in your region – whether they prefer houses with a central heating or not, whether they have any requirements about the energy efficiency or not, etc. Try to make the property as “green” as possible.

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Andrew Wells @ 27 Jul 2016 04:00pm
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