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How To Remove Hard Water Stains On Glass

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Glass – a great invention

One of the most interesting inventions on earth by man is a glass. It is a valuable object that can light up the entire room. It is a beneficial object which lets the sun rays pass through and light up a room. A glass is an ideal piece for decoration, capable of changing the aura around us. However, apart from all this, a glass is resistant to microbe when it is maintained properly. Glass can be molded into any shape and size to produce articles for industrial and household purposes. It can hold both liquid and solid elements, but get smeared by stains over time. These stains are easily visible to the human eye. Therefore, hard water stains on the glass are required to be cleaned regularly for a sophisticated look.

Why stains occur due to hard water?

Hard water comprises of salt compounds. On interaction, these salt compounds get bound to create new compounds with the elements present on the glass surface. The changes in the glass are caused by elements such as phosphate, magnesium and calcium. The compounds created by these key elements are identified by the colored spots that occur on the glass. These stains distinguish themselves from the rest of the glass panel by color. Bathroom, windows and kitchen are some of the places that often require to be cleaned frequently to eliminate stains.

How to eliminate hard water stain from the glass surface?

Water stains on the glass surface are a result of alkaline deposits in hard water. Thus, it is very easy to clear these stains by using cleaning agents. The acid based cleaning agent works best to remove the stains. The acid based cleaning agents break the alkaline deposits into natural compounds. As a result, the glass is clean and clear with a polished surface.

Stains on glass caused by hard water can be removed by using various cleaning agents without harming the glass. One must refrain from using ammonia scorching powder, scrubbing pads and steel wool to clean water stains on the glass surface. It is because ammonia is only effective to remove fat grime and that is why it leaves scratches on the glass.

A mixture of water, lemon and vinegar is an effective application to eradicate the stains on the polished surface of the glass. It removes the stains effectively if the mixture is allowed to stay for over five minutes and then wiped dry a few times.


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