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How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Pro

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 Isn’t it kind of gross that the room that we go to get clean is often the filthiest room in the house? Of course we’re talking about the bathroom. Unfortunately, unsanitary bathrooms can have severe health implications for people which is why it is important that you and your household do your upmost to keep it clean and properly.

First thing’s first, always have two pairs of disposable rubber cloves for cleaning your bathroom. One pair is for the toilet, the other is for the sink and bathtub. By wearing gloves you not only keep harmful cleaning chemicals off your skin but also keep direct contact with dangerous germs to a minimum. You always use a bleach based cleaning fluid when it comes to cleaning the toilet (and it’s bowl), bleach is one of the only things that will kill certain bacteria and viruses including Norovirus (you know… the Norwalk). Also use cloths or rags that you can safely dispose of when you are finished cleaning. Never reuse the cloth that you have used in a toilet, and definitely don’t use it in the sink, on the counters, or in the tub because lord only knows the type of germs you are spreading around that way.

When it comes to cleaning the toilet (the most germ infested part of our bathroom) you should begin by cleaning the top of the tank and work down the body of the tank making sure that the handle, especially, is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (think if how many people touch that handle after finishing their business). Dispose of that cloth. Then using a new clean cloth you should move onto the lid of the toilet, beginning with the top side and finishing with the bottom. Dispose of these cloths before moving onto the upper side of the toilet seat (and remember, now is not the time to skimp on cleaner, use plenty), and clean the underside and inner rim of the toilet. This part can be pretty nasty… so use a tone of cleaner and get everything. Finally you can move to the lower body of the toilet, and definitely get in the back of the pan (which is often missed and usually quite dirty). The final part is generally the least favorite, which is the toilet bowl. As you can probably imagine, this can be fairly disgusting so use a lot of a bleach based cleaner, try to spray it around the inside of the inner bowl and wait 30 minutes before flushing it away. Then with a clean cloth you need to scrub away any reminiscence of the cleaning product, stains, and gnarly duty left overs.

Throw out the gloves and rags, do a quick hand wash and switch to a clean pair of gloves and a fresh rag.

Now, when it comes to your tub and shower it is important to know that because it is a damp area mold can easily grow. So begin by whipping everything down with hot soapy water, clean the tap, shower head, and hose. Dish soap works really well of getting rid of oil and scum.

For your sink use bleach based again, especially for the tap handles. Your goal is to kill any bad bacteria in that area. Give it a good wipe down with a clean cloth, and it should be clean in no time at all.

It is important that you keep on top of a clean bathroom because all it takes is a couple of microscopic germs to bring the whole house down for a week. By being diligent with cleaning you will have a safer and healthier home and won’t have to worry about any funny smells!


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